It is NOT my design, nor am I claiming to be the designer. The knowledge I found whilst searching online for ways to increase my home 3G modem signal last year is originally made for wifi signal. I came across this method which works & is unbelievably simple to do.

"For someone struggling to get a respectable 3G & wifi signal on their device anywhere but feet from their router here is a tidy small mod you can do which increases the output range of your routers wifi signal.

This is pure children stuff & will make you lol but think it or not these things do work, & are damned effective.

My situation at home is that with my apad (RK) I barely get a signal when I move over 6 or 8 feet away from the router which kind of makes the mobile part of the device pointless.

SO I set out to discover a way to increase the signal. I had limited options, & none that didnt involve spending mucho dinero. Until I happened across an online site showing how to make parabolic antennas.

The net site is called freeantennas.com & it's a list of templates/designs that you can use. The one I settled on though is called the windsurfer.

Things you will need to get you up & running;

Some Aluminum foil (Tinfoil), some A4 card, some glue (gluesticks work best), some sharp pointed scissors or a craft knife, access to a printer & a small bit of patience.

If you got the template, print it onto the card. Now cut out the template carefully. Glue some aluminum foil to the oblong piece & then follow the instructions given.

I was one time doubtful about it working, but I have increased my wifi signal all around my house. What is better though, I can now use my apad anywhere in the house & even in the our comfort room :)"

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