Note: Avoid flashing your tab with a option that have different screen size. It will HARD BRICK your tool & it is unrecoverable at the moment.

So try any option that have the same screen size.

If any of you experience freezing in the work of flashing. Do not pull out the SD card.
You ought to Hold the power button for about five to ten seconds to force the tool OFF
Before removing the SD card.

Removing the SD card while it is still freezing may Hard brick your tool

Also you can try the reset button.

What the reset button only does is to disconnect the battery from the board.
So you don't must di-solder the battery or drain it to fully discharge.

To properly use the reset button, press the reset button when the tool is on. & it ought to turn to off. Then put the SD card back with a working rom. Press & hold the power button until the LEd will let.

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