Ok, I just got the Chinese,ebay, Cyber Link tablet - VIA wm8650 in pink!
It broke right away when I discovered the problem with the App store, and tried to "Factory reset."
I found this place, and got enough information to realize the problem was a "firmware" one and that I was in the right place. So I started by reading enough to get me bricked.
BUT, I got lucky! Your software is apparently fairly forgiving. So here's the problem.

When doing things like this, most of us (Just me?) understand "SOME" things. Take the "firmware" word for instance. (This took me about a day.) The reason? When I saw my tablet was broken, I searched, and found people talking about ROM's, firmware, flash, etc. I think I got lucky because I was able to figure out that they each had something to do with "Booting" up the device, starting fresh, "flashing" (That one I know!) etc. So I discovered that "Flashing" your device (not BIOS?) means starting over with a whole new set of stuff. (Operating system?) "clean install?" Ok, let's do that then right? But wait! I know doing this is risky so....? But...?

I've been on these computer things for a while, so I'm no newb, but... (Notice the key word there for most of us, "computer?") Also,.. "I run a Windows Xp",. or I run a "MAC"... (NO, you have an Android. It runs on Linux. ( WHat? Ok... Ummm... ???) (A different OS? Ok...? So?...) Now, for the most part, you here are pretty good in your instructions, and links to what's needed etc, but... I think a lot of us still hear, "Ok. You have to Flash your device using this here Honeycomb, in your flash.something confusing, until your ROM boots your blah, blah, blah, does blah, but if it does this then your blue line mus....? Get it?

Here's my understanding so far and what "I" could really use some help with.

I've so far gotten the Honeycomb MOD, (program that formats the device and installs the framework necessary to run the hardware (some anyway) and builds a starter file system used for the "building" of your operating system. (Close?) Ok. With that in place, I downloaded the MOD, ran it, chose my device (The second time) have the right one, (Do I?) and therefore should be able to????? (Shouldn't I now have a device that has a bunch of icons to press, and settings to choose from, and screens to navigate through on my way to my Android market icon...?)

No. I'm starting to understand it's not quite that simple. I have to load "build" all that huh? Well, shouldn't I at least have something to look around that's just "empty?" Apparently not, because I think I'm stuck at the "Uberoid screen?" IDK. All I know is I did everything right, but all my tablet does is show me that really cool honeycomb background. Ooohhhh! Launcher, ICON packs... Maybe I'm supposed to put some of those in? Ok,... did it, nope. Still cool screen only.

I know this place has the answers, and I can tell that the information and the software, are quality, complete, helpfull, etc. And I know I'm on the right track, but...? What do you mean choose #7 instead of 11? Your list says I use number 11, and that it's dangerous to flash these things incorrectly, but I'm supposed to pick and choose willy nilly, from a different one, just because it might work? But.....? But...? Then what? How do I know when it's right? What am I supposed to see? Do? Will I have a tablet now? Where are my (take your pick) icons, folders, search engines?......? Understanding??

Please help me.

Thank you.

I'll only answer your last question "How do I know when it's right?"

Short answer is, when everything works, everything means everything, not just working but no wifi or no sounds, or both

Long answer is, when your 3g modem gets detected, wifi works, camera works and not upside down, when your gravity sensor isn't reversed, your speaker works, your battery indicator works, your market works, touch screen really works (really works means, you can calibrate it, not just responding but way out of point) and of course if it boots and see your launcher, not just the bee staring at you.

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