It appears that the Transformer Prime from Asus, won't be the only Tegra three Quad-Core powered tool to come along. Lenovo is working on a high-end Android tablet of their own, & this child features some impressive specs:
NVIDIA Tegra three one.6GHz Quad-Core Processor
2GB of one,600MHz DDR3 Ram
Ice Cream Sandwich
Full-size USB port
Fingerprint scanner & Optical joystick (On back)
Special Fusion-Skin Body
It looks like the tablet wars are heating up all over again for a brutal beginning of 2012, both in the low-end consumer friendly market & the high-end hardcore market. What do you think of this beast?

There's a few more pics of the tablet over at the source link, but they didn't have any front facing shots.

Source: engadget

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