English is not my native tongue, but i have to write in English because an English blog has a lot more readers than my native tongue, if I have a wrong grammar, feel free to correct me.

A moderator deleted all my links in on all of my post on a specific thread because a member (who is obviously envy me) reported a single post with my link on it (that link is really needed to be posted because I cannot answer the question of the thread starter on this sub forum of this forum readily because the answer is too long and need interaction, like after you do this, do this, and then..do this; and if He clicked the link, I do not have to go to my blog, copy my post and post it for him)

this moderator even deleted my links on MY OWN THREAD that is acceptable as a good thread for any member that needs an info about my topic, that link on the end of my thread reads: FOR MORE TIPS go to MAKEorBRICK blog ( he deleted this). This is insane, he didn't read my post, he just deleted all my links even if its not necessary,

  • FIND: makeorbrick.blogspot.com
FOUND: 4,785 post with makeorbrick.blogspot.com
  • OBLITERATE: 4,785 links only, do not, I repeat, DO NOT DELETE ENTIRE POST and display "links Deleted" for fun
  • DECIDE: ban or infra
if ban, FUN ends
if INFRA, FUN BEGINS (atleast for len) and feel the WRATH OF CHENILEN
  • IF no links
F*@k English is killing me!!!

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