Chip, often known as solution to tablets, is the key part of tablets' hardware. Android Tablets dealers ought to be familiar with these tablets in Shenzhen: the 7-inch VIA8650 tablet and the ten.2-inch Infotmic Flytouch Tablet, which ought to be the best bargain tablets in the first half year. However, VIA8650 and Infotmic X220 haven't upgraded to A8 core until now, which these chips are still staying at a low-level performance. So, the winner of next year will be generated from current top four chips of entry level Android Tablets: AMLogic 8726-M, Rockchip RK2918, Vimicro VC882 and Quanzhi A10.

AMLogic 8726-M

AMLogic 8726-M is an A9 core chip. Although its 800MHz main frequency is a bit low, it doesn't lag behind other A8 chips in performance. AMLogic 8726-M is integrated with GPU Mali400, which has lovely performance in 3D gambling and video playback. Released early this year, 8726-M is comparatively mature and stable after such a long time of improvement and optimization. What's more, it's said that a 7-inch resistive touchscreen tablet based on AMLogic 8726-M will be released soon, factory cost only 399 Yuan (USD$64), which will be far beyond lots of tablets thanks to its performance and low cost.

Rockchip RK2918

It was reported that Rockchip RK2918 can accomplish one.3GHz main frequency, but actually it's between 800MHz to 1GHz. Rockchip is of the earliest MID manufactures in China. From earliest RK2808, and followed RK2818, to the latest RK2918, Rockchip has accumulated rich experience in MID chips development. Integrated GPU GC800, Rochchip RK2918 has a higher cost than other A8 chips.

Vimicro VC882

As of handful U.S. NASDAQ listed companies focusing on chips development in China, Vimicro is said to have lots of funds in hand, which is important for chip manufacturer, because investment on chip development is expensive, it's difficult to continue if there is not financial backing. And Vimicro is also authorized to create the next generation ARM A15 chip, which also proved its determination to win in the MID market. Vimicro VC882 has main frequency one.3GHz Max (normally running at 1GHz) and is integrated with GPU GC400. Besides outstanding performance, Vimicro also has great advantage in cost. Wopad V7 based on Vimicro VC882 is only 399Yuan (factory cost), which seems that Vimicro is aiming at taking over the market share of VIA8650.

Quanzhi A10

Although it only came out a few days ago, Quanzhi A10 has already made a great influence in local MID market. Compared with Rockchip RK2918, Quanzhi A10 is stronger in hardware, while RK2918 does better at application. It's said that A10 is integrated with GPU Mail400, main frequency one.5GHz (actual running speed no less than 1GHz). The new Wopad based on A10 features 2160P video decoding, which is the best of these chips in the performance of video decoding. They think that A10 will be a powerful competitor of Rockchip.

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