Having a hard time connecting your vpn (on port 137 and your default modem settings (apn=http.globe.com.ph) after the massive nationwide update of Globe network? Well, try this as shared by a fine lady named drwang12 of symbianize forum.

1. Go to control panel

2. Click network connections

3. Right click and choose your modem properties

4. Go to networks tab and click on internet protocol tcp/ip properties.

5. Click advance

6. Click WINS tab

7. Click enable netbios over tcp/ip when it is disabled by default, or disable netbios over tcp/ip when it is enabled by default. This is a trial and error fix that is why you have two choices :)

8. click ok

9. done

  • connect to your vpn now (configured lport 137) and modem apn > http.globe.com.ph
  • Almost all remote ports working with lport 137
users have a positive feedback who tested this on:
  • b933
  • b200w
  • b200
  • mf600
  • mf627
  • MF626
  • mf637
  • mf100
  • bm600
  • e153-u2
  • e153-u1
  • ICON 255
  • E158
  • E156C
  • Longcheer WM66
  • Longcheer WM66a
  • e160
  • e1552
  • E226
  • E5832
  • e1553
Further questions or still having a problems will not be answered because i do not have modems like b-series. its just an idea and proven working.

Anyways the steps are already given.

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