One of my friend on a Symbianize Forum asked me this question:

Hello,I'm am looking into purchasing a tablet...but I am not sure if I really need one. Of course I WANT one, but separating needs from wants is definitely difficult! First, I already own a laptop (almost 3 years old) running Linux, a Kindle which I use extensively, and an ipod...so essentially I am thinking I pretty much 'own' the capabilities of a tablet, just in multiple devices. I don't have a smart phone because I can't justify throwing money away and $60 per month contracts.I'm thinking a tablet could be quite a bit more portable, however, instead of carrying around my widescreen laptop (to university every semester).All I use my laptop for is the web really, so I was thinking of trying to replace it with a tablet. Also, What are note taking capabilities like on a tablet? I was thinking of using a portable keyboard, if supported, and google docs.I am considering a VIZIO VTAB 8" the price has fallen considerably for this tablet....or should I opt for a sub standard tablet from China (maylong, Shenzen etc.)In short, do I even need a tablet? I'm on a tight budget...I'm not expecting anything super...but I would like something with flash, android market access, and a capacitive display. Also, does the version of Android matter? I know the latest is honeycomb, but all the cheaper tablets run 2.3 or less. Thanks for your help

Well, one thing is for sure, if your riding in a public utility vehicle, or jogging at the park, and you want to post a tweet or post a draft of your blog, yu can do it on a android tablet in a jiffy, surfing the net with your wide screen laptop outside the starbucks, or inside a SM mall is too tedious. Go buy Apad and share the fun and headaches android users are getting :) And visit my blog for tips and tricks.

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