Problem description: You can log into your VPN account, but nothing seems to work - no web surfing, email, etc.

After investigating this issue, it seems that some ISPs are blocking DNS queries coming from outside of their IP class. To work around this issue, you'll want to update the name servers on your local end to strongvpn.com's name servers.

First off, disconnect from your VPN account, and then:

For Windows XP:
Go to your Network Connections folder (Start; Control Panel; Network Connections)
Right-click on your Local Area Connection icon and select "Properties"
When the properties dialog pops up, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then hit the "Properties" button.
On the resulting dialogue, click the radio button that says "Use the following DNS server addresses" - put the following IP addresses in:
Save and exit, Restart - then try connecting to your VPN account again.

For Windows Vista:
Go to your network sharing center
Click the "View Status" link of your Local Area Connection
Click the "Properties" button on the resulting dialog window
Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP)" - then click the "Properties" button
On the resulting dialog window, select the radio button, "Use the following DNS Server Addresses" - put the following IP addresses in:

For MAC:
Apparently, accessing the network settings is a bit different depending on which version of Mac OS you are using.
Essentially, you want to access your network settings and override the default name servers (typically obtained from your ISP via DHCP) with the ones you define.
Once you've located your name server settings, define the following as your name servers:

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