Its now December 17 a day after the first simbang gabi, Christmas is coming and still, hotspot shield 's future is bleak, all people wanted a new hss config, they want it badly, they are roaming all over the internet searching for a working VPN for globe, searching every possible local ports and remote ports, trying different sim, buying Globe Tattoo Rocks sim, trying new hss config, asking on forums if the vpn is still working or is it really blocked, did the Globe people won the battle for FBT? Is this the end of FBT for globe? No working config for hss, and other vpn providers can't be reach. Reseller of vpn are hiding, they can not give a solution for globe blocking vpn. New version of hss vpn  also does not work for others, some are claiming that a new config works, some says the globe rocks sim work, some say its prefix must be 0917,  others say its lport or rport, and a new config. Good luck to everyone on their hotspot shield working config grail quest.

If your looking for an update on hotspot shield, you've come to the wrong place :) Im just taking advantage of this hype keyword, this keyword is really hot like a pancake :) most of my traffic this past few days comes from hss keyword, so i made this post.

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