Some users are reporting bX-l4u1mh when editing the Layout of their blog. We are investigating the issue and will report back as soon as we have more information.

Thanks for your patience.

1st fix
A temporary fix I have found is:
1. Sign-in to your blogger account
2. Go to design tab, you'll get the bX-l4u1mh error here, surprise!!!
3. Click Template Designer, the blogger template designer will load.
4. click Layout, and you can edit your page elements now :)

2nd fix
There are three ways to fix this problem.
1. Change Your Browser.
2. Clear all Cookies,History,Index.dat Files(Please save your important links or downloads before deleting)
3. Reboot your system after deleting cookies.

3rd fix
1. you log in with google chrome to your dashboard blog and go to page elements.
2. Log out from your account.
3. Log in again but use different browser this time like mozilla, EI,Opera. and go to page elements.
4. log out, use google chrome again to login and go to page elements .
5. your page elements blog is now fixed.

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