The latest Universal Uberoid WM8650 1.5.5 HoneyCombMOD v11 BETA3
 is released and on its 3rd beta stage last dec 26, 2011 :) Note thats it's on beta so you might find some bugs, the latest Universal Uberoid Version 11 for your wm8650 Apad can be found on Hch forum site, here is the link  http://www.techknow.t0xic.nl/forum/index.php?topic=600.0 Hch would love to here some feedback to help him in making Universal Uberoid v11 better for the apad users :) I added the change log for all :)

Changelog: v11 Beta3
    * removed 512MB support and 512MB tablet models
    * fixed option 18
    * updated uberoid phone support
    * added new model 58=Sungale_Cyberus_ID702WTA_722 7"
    * added new model 58=Polaroid M800 7"
    * added new model 59=M009G 7"
    * added new model 60=MyMIDPAD M706 7"
    * added new model 61=MyMIDPAD M709 7"
    * added new model 62=MyMIDPAD M806 8"
    * added new model 63=TOMTOP C1212 7"
    * added new model 64=USB-TEK M7001 7"
    * added new model 65=ZX07d 155 1603 7"
    * added new model 66=ZX07d 155 1609 7"
Changelog: v11 Beta2
    * Updated Google Market to 3.4.4
    * Leeh33's RAM fix, 12MB more RAM!
    * updated youtube
    * fixed battery meter for option 7
    * added Passion Quick Office
    * added Total Commander
    * made a more tight Lite package, Lite is now another 33MB smaller in disksize!
    * added Leeh33's build.prop
    * added Leeh33's default.prop
    * added Leeh33's tts (text to speech) support
    * fixed up the changer
    * changed E10 kernel to Blue again
    * updated phone support
    * ril.power.on activated in phone support
    * changed e10 option to exclude sound boost default
    * added new model 55=M003S (vt1609ts) 8"
    * added new model 56=eMatic eGlide2 7"
    * added new model 56=M731GA 7"
    * added new model 57=M731GF 7"
    * added new model 58=DCPAD1453E153 512MB
    * added new model 59=Netpad11 512MB
    * added xtra modules (XTRAMODS in the CHANGER)
    * added new model 43=SV28B 8"
    * added new model 44=M788P 153 7" Phone
    * added new model 44=wms8153_7inch_2g 7"
    * added new model 45=Szstzl 7A-1 7"
    * added new model 46=Szstzl 7A 7"
    * added new model 47=jinghan_10inch_lvds1603_wifibtn 10"
    * added new model 48=M013S_VT1603 10.1"
    * added new model 48=puzhi_10.1inch_vt1603_0308 10.1"
    * added new model 49=M013S_VT1609 10.1"
    * added new model 49=puzhi_10.1inch_vt1609_ts_0308 10.1"
    * added new model 50=Szstzl SV27D 151 7"
    * added new model 50=wms8153_7inch 7"
    * added new model 51=Portablet 4.3"
    * added new model 52=m008s_vt1603_151 9.7"
    * added new model 53=m008s_vt1603_155 9.7"
    * added new model 54=EZDY 9.7"
    * added new kernel for 512MB devices
    * updated changer / deleted excessive code
    * added search function in the changer to easily find your model
    * updated compatibility list
    * added 512MB support (TEST version! Please give me feedback!) You can now use the changer's new command "RAM512" to enable 512MB RAM support, AFTER you have chosen your model! Make sure you really have 512MB in your device. The options that state they are 512MB do not need this patch.
* added option "AUDIO" to the changer to remove the Audio Boost as this boost in some cases causes cracking audio. Advance happy newyear to all.

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  1. model vd tech MPC700G is compatible ?

  2. yes MPC700G is supported, watchout for uberoid v12 :)

  3. anu bang choice para sa joypad81//

  4. mine is wm8650 v2.2

  5. pioneer dreambook 7 tablet compatible?

  6. Can u give me any link for M003F 7" ty

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