My friend asked me once, what is Apad? I thought he is just kidding because its very impossible if he did not know what is apad, he does not know that it is a good rip off of iPad, but running Android 2.2. Some apad runs on Android 1.5/1.6 and hacked as Android 2.0, 3.0 and worst Android 5.0, there is a Apad that runs on the latest Android 4.0, its the Ainol Novo Advance, anyway back to our topic, the apad can browse websites like Facebook.com and Twitter.com, it can check emails and all sites related to Google like Gmail and Android Market. That the Apad can play games like Angry birds, and some online games like Pocket Legends, that it can be a home entertainment for him, because it can play videos, and YouTube works. it can play mp3's too. The Apad can compete with a laptop on portability and surfing the net, its lighter, you can carry it on your pocket, go to SM malls, and surf using its built-in WiFi, yes, it does support WiFi, and the Apad supports 3G modems also, but dont expect to much on the Apad because its a entry level gadget only, its there for surfing and the like, not for gaming with mmorpg, its has a minimal support for 3D games, if you like gaming, buy a PSP. The Apad is a pad that can do some of the benefits of a laptop, android tablet that cost only below 100 dollars, its a must buy :) its not iPad, its not a laptop, its a pad with a android 2.2 running on 800MHz processor and a 256 memory with 2gig storage. Now thats just me, what is Apad for you?

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