And, as expected, Cherry Mobile has just made available the Cherry Pad Turbo. We've already known it's coming this month so this is not a surprise, as well as its SRP which is, well, right up the alley of those wanting to buy a tablet that won't cost too much. So, how much will it sell? More on that later. First, its goodies.

The Cherry Pad Turbo is one of the cheapest tablets in the market today and boasts a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and a 1.2GHz chip that's coupled with 512MB of RAM. It also comes with dual cameras (2-megapixel main, VGA secondary), an HDMI port, 4GB of internal storage (expandable to 32GB), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For those wondering if it has Honeycomb, since it's a 7-incher, it only has Gingerbread in the mix. We're wishing it will also be eligible for an Ice Cream Sandwich update although we're not expecting that to happen soon, if it will.

Those aren't really mind-blowing specs but its SRP of just P6,899 should be enough to make you take notice. Cheap, right? And, get this, the local fruity company also has the Cherry Pad, a watered-down version of the Pad Turbo (with specs like a 800MHz chip and resistive 7-inch touchscreen) for just P3,899 and will come soon! But that's not all, Cherry Mobile will be releasing a 10.1-inch tablet that will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 dual-core CPU soon. More choices for cash-strapped techies, hurrah!

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