Wicknix have a debian sid rootfs uploaded if anyone wants to play around with it. It is for wm8650 netbooks only at the moment as I don't have it set up to use touch screen on a tablet. (Although a few quick changes to xorg.conf will enable touch screen quite easily)

Credit go to all that have worked on the wm8500/8505 devices and those who have taken that info and coverted it over to these wm8650 devices. I just took all the info i could find and tossed this together. It uses Eken's 1.5.3 Android kernel and thus boots from SD card. All the basics work such as touchpad, keyboard, battery stats, ethernet, and wifi. I have sound partially working with this kernel (fuzzy sounding though) and i did manage to adjust the sound level from 100% to 50% so your ears don't get blown out by adding a few values to wmt_scriptcmd.

The tar.bz2 has 2 archives inside. 1 labeled fat32 and the other labeled ext2. Just extract (as root user) each to the proper SD card partitions. Any other info/instructions can be found in the readme.txt in the tar.bz2.

Oh... and root's password is debian.

If the included wicd-gtk connection app doesn't work for you, try connecting manually from the command line. That's what i have to do to connect to my phones ad-hoc tethered wifi and it works fine. You might also need to edit /etc/resolve.conf to if you have dns issues.

Default LXDE desktop

Download here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c1b1cd6/n/wm8650-netbook-debian-sid.tar.bz2 (300mb)

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