If you want a better wm8650 apad tablet, you really need to get rid of the stock rom and go for universal uberoid v11, In my opinion, it is the best rom for wm8650. the developer, who is name HCH has a forum members helping him to debug the uberoid v11 beta 3 for wm8650, this is the most active rom around for wm8650, and the support is superb, you only need to go to there forum and ask a thing or two, I am sure that HCH and the gang, along with its members will try to help you on any problem regarding your uberoid v11 problem. I recommend all wm8650 users to download uberoid v11 now and be a bug reporter, and after it, uberoid v11 final will be bug free.

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  1. You are fantastic I now have fully working MID 8" whoopa thanks x

  2. This is best rom .. i installed and works like champ