Actually sabzh. Discussing the tablet 7 "VIA WM8650 Android 2.2 (MIDv7, M009S, M70007T)

Subject selection tablet from China

A separate topic about 8 "units for this proce

Photo tablet 7 "VIA WM8650 Android 2.2

Original first messagi
In opisalove said that the board is 2.2 android
climbed a lot of things, but no actual reviews and do not find it.
Given the price of these devaysov believe that their performance is not bad.
At the very presence is a ZT-180 and FlyTouch (that which at 300 MHz chip from VIA) By the way (about 300 MHz model with a percent) was pleasantly surprised that it works without a cheerful farm brakes.
And there is no longer as much as 300 600 raccoons, and the description of Procedure -
"Are WM8650 chips based on ARM11 framework with 600MHz, DSP 300MHz, could run on Android 2.1 and support 720p hard ware decode. The statistics show that it is as good as RK2818 and TCC8902. The point is: VIA Chips are much cheaper! "
talked today with Maggie of Sana'a ... sabzhevuyu on topic, about FPIC percent and that there is a real android 2.2 or so ... type is only version 2.2 ... Her answer (literally)
S-WMC-0187 is Android 2.2 os, real, can play online flash 10, inner chipset is WM8650, it's correct
if he really knows how to flash 10 ... This is the more interesting it becomes.

The first review of alogachev
- Android 2.2 real
- there is clearly work out multi
- Flash plays Igruha plays before playing but said something like, not a licensed copy of Flash. (For video Ineta fine, but too small for Igruha speed)
- Video is much better than the previous chip, a standard house with 400 feet lostfilma series played without any problems.
- like theirs launcher is very convenient
- modems, blyupupy, FreshCo work. Cons - Market is no standard and there is no synchronization services with by Google - vayfay the same weak as in the previous series - and a huge minus a battery that negates the device in book reading mode minimal lighting, incl WiFi 2.5 hours to wander through an Internet 1.5 hours.

Overview of I
And so ... Device came from. Yes indeed Android 2.2. Externally, really like his "brother's last" from 300 megahertz to WM8505 ... BUT! Just look and in the boot splash ...
In systemic infe:
Model: WonderMedia WM8650
version Android: 2.2
Kernel Version:
build number: generic-eng 2.2 Froyo v1.1.1-20110217.154319 Then I will make comparisons with "AAA" (ZT-180 of the first version, the one that 256OZU 2Gb 10,2 ') 1.LauncherPro set of default instead (but default is not bad, I got used to the launcher pro) made ​​him the default launcher. Interface when scrolling was smoother, and settings from the launcher about a little more ... In comparison with anti-aircraft guns - the same way. (Boot device was 5-7 seconds slower than with default launcher)2. Knocked down all the applications that you can carry. Put conductor ES and ES Task Manager After you download 105-115 MB of free operatives ... (That this anti-aircraft would learn there with the latest proshivoy under android 2.2 is a free operatives 75-80 MB. Although it is possible here it is more due to lack of gugloservisov)3. Ruth has not yet been obtained, respectively, to clean out startup applications that are loaded per cent, and remove part of the system has not yet succeeded. And they exist. If the operatives - not critical (a stock), then the proce ... (Compared to the flak he has grown weaker.) 4. Angry Birds - bred. I had to turn off the background ... Included with the background work - but strongly inhibits the ... With the disabled - is even playable. 5. Waffle catches a little better ... my anti-aircraft guns (Where have you disappeared anti-aircraft guns, then there is a network - then surely ... keeps to a minimum - but keeps.) 6. Put SPB TV. In contrast to the anti-aircraft guns (flak for going smoothly, but no sound) - works with sound, but the video is choppy (to the eye about 5-10 frames per second). Again ... You can watch ...7. Battery - after a full charge spent an hour and a half to two-enabled wafer and the screen at full brightness in the internet, while shaking and placed prog ... After that, the brightness at minimum another half an hour lain in bed, watching SPB TV - respectively by vayfay ... After - and cut down to sleep ... the battery was at a minimum - but still not screaming, you have to charge ... 8. I do not know, how about a multi - but dualtach - exactly. Works great. Very easy to scale. ---- I will supplement the course - ask what interests ---- My opinion - its worth the money ...

More reviews

The original firmware from EKEN
1.5.2 single touch of Eken http://narod.ru/disk/25094313001/M009S_ ... h.rar.html

Custom firmware Uberoid
For the green LED flashing and black audio uberoid, and for the blue and green diode flash audio vestinius.

It supports all these types of tablets
Uberoid is for 46 models of 5 "/ 7" / 8 "and 10" WM8650 based tablets: a = Maylong M- 250 7 " 1 = MID V7 7 " 1 = InterToys NL Tab 7 " 1 = MID E18 7 " 1 = M009S Green LED 7 " 1 = TomTec Tablet 7 " 2 = M009S Blue LED 7 " 2 = Epad GW-70 7 " 2 = MIDV7 Blue LED 7 " 2 = WinPad-C07 7 " 3 = M003S 8 " 3 = Innovatek MID 8 " 4 = PC-802 8 "5 = BLY-806 8 " 5 = VIA WM8650 8 " 6 = M80003W 8 " 7 = Apex 7 " 7 = BLY-706F v1 7 " 8 = MID703 7 " 8 = ILC PC Tab701 7 " 8 = KLD-MID701 7 " 8 = MID710 9 = M010S 10 = M012S 8 " 11 = M70007T 7 " 11 = ViaPad M7 7 " 11 = VIA WM8650 7 " 11 = M768A 7 " 11 = Leader V70 7 " 11 = Epad GW-707 7 " 12 = ATF3416-July 7 ' 13 = BLY-706F v3 7 " 12 = ATF3416-July 7 " 13 = BLY-706F v3 7 " 14 = E16 5cun1603 5 " 15 = ED99 8cun1603 8 " = MID 15 806 8 " 16 = E18 7cun1603 7 " 17 = ED99 8cun8900 8 " 18 = Ricatech RATAB10 " 19 = M008s 10 "( TEST) 20 = M013s 10 "(TEST) 21 = ePad M009D 7 "(TEST) 22 7 = Xiron "(TEST) 22 7 = BartSmit "(TEST) 22 7 = TomTec "(TEST) on the basis of the original version 100 Mb with a green LED and black jack HYBRiD_WM8650_UBEROID_1.3.0_v3.1.7z V6http://narod.ru/disk/16994227001/HYBRiD_WM8650_Uberoid_v6.7z.html Uberoid WM8650 1.5.1 HYBRID HoneyCombMOD V7 Test Version 99.51MB Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?8yron6y7t6d5a4a HYBRID WM8650 UBEROiD V7 Test v2 717.7z 99.72 MB http://www.mediafire.com/?fcc0c16f16w3owz Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRID HoneyCombMOD ... .3.0 _v5.7z Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRID HoneyCombMOD v6.3 FINAL http://www.mediafire.com/?dad84ru72799ym8http://mybitofthenet.com/hch/v6f2/HYBRi ... v6FiNAL.7z Uberoid WM8650 1.5.1 V7.1 HYBRID HoneyCombMOD http://www.mediafire.com/?0dr2y42qm5hipwnUniversal Uberoid WM8650 1.5.2 HoneyCombMOD V8 http://www.mediafire.com/?xivp0tdaa925f64 Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1 based on firmware 1.5.5.http://narod.ru/disk/30952806001/Univer ... .1.7 Z.html

Custom firmware Vestinious
For the green LED flashing and black audio uberoid, and for the blue and green diode flash audio

M009S_03112011.rar to 224 Mb Attention! in the model of Eken using another touch screen, touch screen to work to correct the files in the firmware. (This is the next spoiler) https://public.me.com/hh2119 WM8650_Android2.2_1.1.1_20110404.7z 92.39 Mb http:/ / www.mediafire.com/?85bo2789k6goqya Vestinious M009s 1.1.1 - Google Edition rutovanaya, all the Chinese crap removed, Khoi-bend which are, birds are identically and works like a decently. Vestinious M009s ROM 1.1.5http://www.4shared.com/file/6qHwzfZn/Ve% 20 ...% 20 - _Goo.html Vestinious M009s 1.1.6 - Google Edition ROMhttp://narod.ru/disk/11001668001/Vestinious_M009s_ROM_1.1.6.rar.html Vestinious M009s ROM 1.1.6 for blue LEDs. https://www.wuala.com / rogercalver / Vesti% 20 ...% 20drwlO481pS Firmware 1.1.7 http://narod.ru/disk/12813642001/ Changes in software only seems to work well. Vestinious M009s Firmwarehttp://173.255 .228.138 / ~ rogercalver / Vestinious% 20M009s% 20Firmware /

Custom firmware Modorid
Source http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/20864-r ... firmware from Modroid - V9. http://filefactory.com/file/cd6c7a7/n/M ... 9-lite.ziphttp://narod.ru/disk/23987017001/Modroi ... e.zip.html updated firmware from Modroid - v11 http://narod.ru/disk/26118675001/Modroi ... e.zip.html If WIFI is not working in the firmware Modroid-v8. Make the following solution: download this file http://narod.ru/disk/23367179001/rt3070sta.ko.html (found this file on techknow.freeforums.org), then replace the default file on the downloaded file (rt3070sta.ko), which is here / lib/modules/ Reload this tablet and all the waffle will work. Here is IT. And the Latest Release of last Modroid (unless Eken releases a Gingerbread or Honeycomb based Firmware). Based on the Latest 1.5.1 Firmware Installation Tips document and updated Fully rooted Removed Stock ROM garbage apps Custom modified framework (Has Been Properly sized Reworked and now ) Apps2sd working Android Market Real Hosts file to block Most app in ADS and ADS website Increased Volume and microphone output gain Removed and Replaced WMT MyPhoto with QuickPic (Slideshow Works again now) Added Support Live Wallpaper and a Live Aquarium Wallpaper Removed 0 byte files left removed from over Stock applications Borrowed and modified Uberoids "changer.bat" and SO env_uboot Files That Could Support Modroid More Devices More Easily. Not Tested on Every device, BUT now Modroid Should Support These Devices (and Possibly More) 1 = Maylong M- 250 1 = MID V7 7 " 1 = InterToys NL Tab 7 " 1 = MID E18 7 " 1 = M009S Green LED 7 " 1 = TomTec Tablet 7 " 2 = M009S Blue LED 7 " 2 = Epad GW-70 7 " 2 = MIDV7 Blue LED 7 " 2 = WinPad-C07 7 " 3 = M003S 8 " 3 = Innovatek MID 8 " 4 = PC-802 8 "5 = BLY-806 8 " 5 = VIA WM8650 8 " 6 = M80003W 8 " 7 = Apex 7 " 7 = BLY-706F v1 7 " 8 = MID703 7 " 8 = ILC PC Tab701 7 " 8 = KLD-MID701 7 " 8 = MID710 7 " 9 = M010S 7 " 10 = M012S 8 " 11 = M70007T 7 " 11 = ViaPad M7 7 " 11 = VIA WM8650 7 " 11 = M768A 7 " 11 = Leader V70 7 " 11 = Epad GW-707 7 " 12 = ATF3416-July 7 ' 13 = BLY-706F v3 7 " 14 = E16 5cun1603 5 " 15 = ED99 8cun1603 8 " 16 = E18 7cun1603 7 " 17 = ED99 8cun8900 8 " 18 = Ricatech/RATAB10 10 " 18 = TomTec 10 " 19 = Epad M009D (added by ohwzo.nl) 20 = M013S (added by me ) If you Have Problems with WiFi or touch screen, try a few options in the Other changer.bat If That doesn't work check out These Links: Modroid-V7 Not working for you? Try the 1.3.1 based V4 or try Uberoid Green LED with vibrate and dual point touch 7 " Alternative Green LED env_uboot 7 " Modroid thread on the forums Uberoid If you Have WiFi issues Look here If you Want to Play with BlueTooth Look here Eken Official Firmware for many Devices If your device After Flashing Has no sound do this: After the ROM Has Been Extracted to your SD Card go to the firmwareinstall / env folder and Find the "env_uboot" That you file and Used in an Open Editor. Change the line "setenv wmt.audio.i2s vt1603: f1: f2: ff: ff: 100 "to" setenv wmt.audio.i2s vt1603: f2: f1: ff: ff: 100 ", then save the file. Now reflash. I'd like to Thank Slatedroid, Rodger, HCH , DrCheap and all the forums and users for bug reports, fixes, ideas etc. Without all this information being shared online Modroid wouldn't be what it is today.

Custom firmware 4PDA
Firmware for Android tablet 4PDA http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=246468 TDemon from the site 4pda suspended dopilivanie firmware. So what was left waiting for improvements only from other gurus android.

How to change the label's logo when booting the tablet
At this address (FirmwareInstall \ packages \ fs_patch \ root_patch \ system \ wmtapp \ bootanimation) in the firmware you can change the color of the logo and the words when you turn on the tablet, you can create them yourself or find other firmware versions, sizes, and file names must match. In the last modroide this path was removed because the whole process of altered load, so you can change the logo only if the path and file are in the firmware, I myself think they make no sense to work may not be personally did not check.

Archive firmware
On the official link to the old firmware: https://public.me.com/hh2119 1.3.1 for more M009s http://narod.ru/disk/16240153001/m009s131.rar.html

Instructions for preparing and installing the firmware
Instruction 1
driver training http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGg-iSm6KF0&feature=related
install firmware http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVxUWJ7QqLs&feature=related

Instruction 3 HYBRiD_WM8650_UBEROID_1.3.0_v3.1.7z v3 http://www.maipad.ru/?p=199 Brief instructions: 1. Unpack the archive in SD Card 2. Try to identify the tablet (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.) 3. Run from the root CHANGER.BAT SD 4. Choose your model number and click <enter> 5. Turn off the plate 6. Insert the SD 7. Turn the tablet 8. Wait until the end of the installation 9. Enjoy

Driver to WinCE for 8650
No stitch. Installation instructions inside the archive. http://narod.ru/disk/26408874001/WinCE_ ... .0.7 Z.html

Possible problems with touch screen after flashing
The tablet can update the original software from the site Eken model M009S
If you have not Eken - touch screen after flashing work will most likely not.
In order to work must touch before updating the folder with the update:
Edit the file: FirmwareInstall / packages / fs_patch / root_patch / system / default.prop
Find the line: = 0 ro.wmt.touchpannel
Replace: = 1 ro.wmt.touchpannel
Edit the file: FirmwareInstall / env / uboot_env_head
Find the line: setenv touchcodec vt1603
Replace with: setenv touchcodec uor615x
Find the line: setenv wmt.io.touch 1: vt1603: 2:800:480
Replace with: setenv wmt.io.touch 1: uor615x: 0:800:480

if you can not calibrate it - says "calibration failed", then you need to change the file back :
FirmwareInstall / packages / fs_patch / root_patch / System / default.prop
Find the line: ro.wmt.touchpannel = 1
Replace by: ro.wmt.touchpannel = 0

If after flashing the battery shows always 100%
A way to fix.

If your battery meter is stuck at 100% try this Fix: (thanks hch)
Download a Terminal emulator from the market then run IT.
Type: SU (for root priveldges)
Type: wmtenv set wmt.vt160x.bat 0:1:10 : 0
Reboot. Battery meter should work now.
machine translation by Google

If your battery meter is stuck at 100% to try to fix it: (thanks HCH)
Download Terminal Emulator from the market to run it.
Type: SU (to root priveldges)
Type: wmtenv set wmt.vt160x.bat 0:1:10:0
Restart. The battery meter should work now.
Two way to fix
before the firmware file to be added env_uboot line (if not)

setenv wmt.vt160x.bat 0:1:10:0
(Third from bottom) and flash

Click to view the electronic circuit
Спасибо G_N_o_M

источник http://wenku.baidu.com/view/19b94c3b376baf1ffc4fad7c.html

Recover boot from amadeus71rus
Vobschem after a failed firmware loader flies. It is everywhere inscribed with, rewritten. And that in this case to make - to solder a simple programmer for LPT - issue price 35 rubles and flash them Spi Flash. The entire hitch is nobody knows chno than sew this Spi Flash, because for your machine, it has its own. The solution is simple.Take the bin-file editor, I used BinEditor, out of the factory firmware (downloaded from the manufacturer's website) take out the u-boot.bin and w-load_DDR3_700M_1066M_16bit_1_256MB_0150001.bin (4 similar there, I was approached by this. You can vary). Create a blank file size BinEditor 0h080000 (a 512 KB) and load at address 0 - u-boot.bin, then from the address 70 000 - w-load_DDR3_700M_1066M_16bit_1_256MB_0150001.bin. Save the file and fill it in Spi Flash.Tyrkaem flash with normal firmware and voila! It works! In my case, I hurt when vypayke foot chip spi flash, flash drive was replaced by MX netbook size 1MB. 512 tude not sewn directly, so the command "copy / b filesize.bin + filesize.bin dblsize.bin" I merged the 2 files in a desired size. All caught with a bang. Instructions for making the programmer (in Czech, google-translator taxis!) - http://rayer.ic.cz/elektro/spipgm.htm I used just 4 resistors of 150 ohms, without condenser, and the block of LPT. Wire - 30 cm external Power, from the usual battery bios. Pin LPT - http://pinouts.ru/ParallelPorts/ParallelPC.shtml program for programmer -http://rayer.ic.cz/programm/programm.htm # SPIPGM firmware for (WinXP): spipgmw / I | R | d | E | p [filename] [Address] [size] [/ L = iobase] [/ d = delay] / I - identify SPI FlashROM / R Address size - Read & display data block (0x prefix = Hexa number / d filename - dump Entire FlashROM to file / p filename - Entire FlashROM program from file (Without Erase) / E - Erase Entire FlashROM / u - unlock write Protection bits (May depend on WP # Level) / L = LPT Port I / O base Address (default is 378h - LPT1) / d = Additional delay for SPI clock pulse width [usec] (default is 0) , respectively: 1) Disable the write protection bit - spipgmw / u 2) Erase melkoshemu - spipgmw / e 3) Fill the firmware. -Spipgmw / p path to the firmware 4) Read the melkoshemu. - Spipgmw / d path to save the dump from the firmware chip 5) Compare the dump file from the firmware file (right mouse on the file properties, checksums, compare) if everything is OK, then solders the place - if not, back to step 1. Before manipulations do spipgmw / i without the programmer and the programmer is connected, to make sure it works and catches flash drive. 's all. Good luck to everyone. PS If you have a curved hands - give a friend with straight arms and put his beer . http://forum.china-iphone.ru/viewtopic.php?p=353117 # p353117

Search Network
Switch language to inglish and see what is written simply incorrect translation

For those who have removed the Flash:
Flush from the Chinese
Chinese translation free instructions:
1 Content unpacked in the root map.
Fits 2 "install_flash_player-30.eva.apk"
Set 3 "flash_stage2.wmt! sh"
4 Then the browser plugin to allow launch on demand "menu" - " Settings "-" Enable plug-ins "-" On demand " # p322927 http://forum.china-iphone.ru/viewtopic.php?p=322927

For those who do not have to hear the sound of the video:
processor does not support AC3 (6 channels) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25902546/PB_WM8650_081.pdf

The size of the playback of video file
No problem reproduces the standard DVDRip AVI with a resolution and 2.0 sound

Disassembly of the tablet 7 "photo and video
If there is a photo of the opened tablet, throws photo internals and appearance of the theme for an accurate determination of what looks like a model. blue and green LED hole viewtopic.php? p = 376 780 # p376780 Download / file.php? ID = 20 622 & mode = view Disassembly M70007T http : / / forum.china-iphone.ru/viewtopic.php? p = 305 819 # p305819 In order to open something, you need to peel the edge of a glossy film, unscrew the screw, and so from every angle. Then by the power button otschelkivaem first latch, pushing part of the back door and lifting the top cover with a black screen up, and so on around the circle. And with all this, do not forget to remove the pre-flash. I already broke one in half. M009S http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdCPOD_fnnA&feature=player_embedded

Refine the device with a soldering iron and straight arms
Instructions for disassembly and installation of USB ports by 326 652 03.08 paper cable from the iPhone to eken 009s to connect usb hosts by lencor http://forum.china-iphone.ru/viewtopic.php?p=346388 # p346388 increase in volume of the work wifi antenna you can buy on eBay. Photo of: http://picoolio.com/show/31607/ny83dantenna can buy wifi module to a piece of wire length 12.5 cm video for antiaircraft guns. How different modules wi fi - it is not known. They are even on these two videos are different, in my opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpoUcoRF1pM&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = vpUAi08Ul3Q

Refinement of batt
With such mixed compounds (series parallel), it is difficult to ensure uniform current distribution between parallel paths, it will have consequences! All this obuslavlivaetsya that VERY hard to find banks with the same battery of emf and the same internal resistance! And as a result - there is a "distortion" and one or a few cans of battery starting to warm up, which leads to a rapid deterioration of cans at best and at worst - an explosion!

size batteries and casing may well differ depending on the manufacturer, the actual quote measured. tablet with a green diode gamesalor, normal gray plastic, no inscriptions, 24-pin connector, dualtach, vibration. suspicion that is mid703. defoltnoy battery sizes - 8cm x 6.5 cm x 0.5 cm, the second battery from the tablet-based via8505, internally they are very similar to ours, to the extent that it seems that the same motherboard (but the number of contacts on a card processor just different) - hence concluded that the batteries are interchangeable. the size of the second battery 6cm x 7cm x 0.5 cm connected in parallel, the place is indeed a bit, put the first second from the top motherboard, and placed a copper plate for cooling the CPU, but then I realized that the battery is still too hot, and it will have consequences, and arranged them vnahelst. ie 1 cm in thickness - climbed, but have long sought a comfortable position. http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/3128/img6346x.jpgmeasured the charge current - 0.5 A showed that with one battery, that on the other, with two. so that sort of charging current does not increase, so will zaryazhatsya longer, but will likely be without consequences .. after installing the first included in the charging power is on, checked if not heated excessively some chips - all okay.(But still try not to discharge to 0) included, is charging, the indicator works. closed. use) , in principle, after the upgrade has been almost two weeks, normal flight.here's another topic for zabugornogo forum to guide with pictures, http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/19936-b ... -Tutorial / but everything is at your own risk Thanks to the user fannt

How to transfer the 3G-modem in modem only mode and how to prepare a 3G-modem for Android

Configuring Modems
how to configure the modem 3dzhi (Huawei e171 + UTEL)?
for "Utel" Huawei e219 modem in the settings to write one. utel inet 2. select the modem 3. * 99 # 4. 3g.utel.ua How to set up 3G modem Huawei e173 Megafon (Moscow) Settings-> Wireless-> 3G network settings-> Add 3G network Name: Megafon - Any Device: WCDMA (...) Device number: * 99 # APN : internet A / MTS / Beeline / Megaphone (sign / separation - DO NOT PUT!) Name: any Device: WCDMA .............. Device number: * 99 # (in the old * 99 *** 1 #) Apn: internet.mts.ru / home.beeline.ru / internet.nw User: MTS / Beeline / any Password: ... 084631.jpg http://blog.b44.ru/2011/01/solution-sky ... nd-androi /

How do I reset the modem
AT ^ U2DIAG = 0 (device-only modem)
AT ^ U2DIAG = 1 (unit in modem mode + CD-ROM)
AT ^ U2DIAG = 255 (the device in modem mode + CD-ROM + Card Reader)
AT = 256 ^ U2DIAG (device in modem mode + Card Reader)

Not charging the tablet
Batt was dead or defective
die charge and provides a small current or voltage
drop dead controller charging the tablet should be repaired

The connection is not possible, the firmware has no firewood

Official my Linux kernel for 8505 and 8650
http://forum.china-iphone.ru/viewtopic.php?p=342396 # p342396

Program for android
OverclockWidget (Need keyboard with support for Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=134073 android software for radiohttp://blogav.ru/luchshaya-android-programma-dlya-radio/ android software moviegoers http://blogav.ru/luchshaya-android-programma-dlya-kinomanov/ android software for online TV http://blogav.ru/luchshie-android-programmy-dlya-onlajn-tv/ Animated latest version http://www.ebook-reader.org/FBReaderJ/FBReaderJ-1.0.12.apk. but it has not been verified Alkido EBook http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=155431 Skype for Android Version:

Skype works only for text of correspondence with the factory firmware in beta, and other programs working with video and sound on the tablet yet

Fring - skype alternative
Fring - at present the only software for the tablet to via8650 allows users to make audio and video - chat up to 4 companions (to test the best performance on different firmwares) calls. Supports ICQ (chat), SIP (calls), Google Talk, AIM (IM), MSN Messenger, Yahoo (IM), Twitter (chat). Registration is required that runs from the program.
You can download http://narod.ru/disk/24069425001/Fring_ ... _.apk.html and 4pda http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=143026 program on the great and mighty English, Russian language in the settings there, but intuitive. When you first start writing that the video is not available , but after turning the camera settings, there is a point video call. After simple manipulations can make calls to subscribers of Skype (user found here http://waybelge.com/news.48854.html Serviceability checked on the tablet with a blue diode, green audio and firmware Modroid- v7. Thanks to the user G_N_o_M

Notes on the keyboard for all.
* Hold the point - the opening pop-up window with basic punctuation. * Hold the letter E - the opening of the letter E. * Hold? 123 - Language and keyboard. * Additional signs and fractions, if the hold: 1,2,3,5,7, 0 ,$,%,*,-,+,(,),?,',",! * Additional characters and symbols on the screen, which opens by pressing the ALT on the screen with numbers: <,>,=,^, the middle button above the gap, the top row fourth from left button opens a color dot maps. * Solid characters not on your keyboard android 2.2. It appeared only on the updated version 2.2.1

Games for android
Games for M009S
Issue 1 http://blogav.ru/igry-dlya-m009s-vypusk-1/ Issue 2 http://blogav.ru/igry-dlya-m009s-vypusk-2/ Angry Birds http://4pda .ru / forum / index.php? showtopic = 193 937 List Download http://narod.ru/disk/17737656001/games.zip.html 56sht collection of games. password for the archive WM8505 list archivehttp://www.gamefront.com/files/17687130/FlyTouch_ePad_iRobot_WM8505_Tablet_GamePack.rar

Sites with games and applications for android

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