If you have a Mid WM8650, better upgrade it to a custom rom called Uberoid V11, It will get rid of the fake market, and put a working market on your apad, it will make your angry bird more playable, it will make your froyo look like a honeycomb. What are you waiting for? get Uberoid V11 now. Just be carefull on flashing your mid 2m8650, you might brick your tablet if you do it wrong. Goodluck.

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  1. I have a wm8650 M779ca v.2.2 kernel Can I rrot it with v11 beta?
    Thank you.
    If not do you have any ideas where I might look?

  2. yes, it will, all uberoid version is pre rooted :)

  3. is this working on android 1.6 generic with wmt2.1.1

  4. sorry jhay, but uberoid works only on wm8650 apad tablets, your tablet is wm8505 based :(

  5. I didn't research much before buying this tablet

    Can I use Uberoid V11 on it? Thanks.