All Winner A10 is a new processor released in the China market about one month ago. It was soon applied by China manufacturer Ployer to its tablets. Now the tablet Momo9 you can see at Pandawill is with this All Winner A10 Processor.

Based on Cortex A8, the tablet has 512mb internal memory and 8G Nand Flash. It is equipped with 7 inch touch screen with 800*480 solution, supporting five point multiple touch. The same with other main stream tablets now, it supports flash 10.3, per-installed anroid market, 0.3 mega front camera and HDMI output. Besides that, it has outstanding video playing performance, supporting 2160P. For users, the most attractive part is the price, only for $135.99 at pandawill.

More Ployer Momo9 pictures:

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