Here's a simple tool to help anyone going through the options.

I spent three weeks trying different options with no proper way to track the results. The day after I completed this tool I had managed to get my screen working again by narrowing down the relevant options.. Success at last.

So, I decided to share this with the view of helping you discover the wonder that is Uberoid. Big thanks to HCH & team.

The tool I have made is a simple spreadsheet which shows all of the options for Uberoid v11, sorted by option number, screen size, tablet name etc.

This should make your task of choosing Options less time consuming, you can see which options support your tablet / hardware and keep track of Options that work, even if only partially.

Instructions are included in the spreadsheet;

I will be adding a comparison sheet to the spreadsheet next, so you can compare two options at a time. I hope that I can use this to form a "custom env_uboot" somehow.

Revision 1

Instructions added
Options list made clearer
Some errors in the list revised

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