I think it would be useful to compile all the things we could do now with the rooted Droid, with procedures, in one place, so other people can decide whether it's worth the hassle.

I finally got rid of Amazon MP3, Visual Voicemail, Corporate Calender and Email applications, by downloading Terminal Emulator from the App Store and typing the following into my droid into the terminal emulator:


mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

cd /system/app

mv Email.apk Email.bak

mv VVMStub.apk VVMStub.bak

mv com.amazon.mp3.apk com.amazon.mp3.bak

mv CorpCal.apk CorpCal.bak

mount -o ro,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system



As you can see, I only renamed the file extension, so if I ever need those apps, or something goes wrong, I can always just rename them back.

What else have you guys done (please post with procedures/download links/etc)

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