V6 Supercharger [Update RC5]

Original Thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991276
This is tailored for samsung galaxy Y. its different from the orig thread

What does it do?

It makes your phone FAST... super snappy with better multitasking!
It rearranges and fixes the OOM Groupings and Priorites and lowmemorykiller values.


NO LAUNCHER REDRAWS, faster than ever, multitasking is better... why?
Because it works with the lowmemorykiller and letting it work the way it's meant to work.

Requirements :

1. MUST BE Rooted
2. Busybox Installer
Pick the 1.18.2 since it is the version where the author recommends.
2. Script Manager
4. 3rd Party Keyboard (Incase Stock won't work as it in my case)
5. V6 Supercharger V9RC5 Script

Instructions :

1. Run Script Manager. Press MENU then MORE and Advance Options then Config. CHECK Browse as root and press back.

2. Locate where is the script in your SDcard. Press then click the SU image, if its green, you're good to go. Press RUN.

NOTE : Previous Supercharge User please do a UNSUPERCHARGE /
UNKERNELIZED to avoid errors/conflicts. Option [15] & [16].

3. You are now taken to the driver's option. 1st thing to do is run the [1] option to check your status.

4. Now you will see some suggestions there and you 0% Supercharger or 25% doesn't matter.

5. When your on driver option again, pick the [10] Option. You are given the minfrees values of "6, 8, 31, 37, 43, 49". Then press Yes.

6. When your on driver option again, pick option [20] for the Nitro Lag Nullifer. Note that this is experimental. It can make your SGY Faster than ever, Less Lag, or can do nothing. But it cannot bricked your phone, so why not try it? =)

7. Next step we gonna do is the Option [18], the Engine Flush. It will flash your RAM but not like the Task Manager where it closes your application or it will close your 3rd Party Keyboard and etc. This ENGINE FLUSH is a good way if u experience lag but you have still an ample amount of RAM. In short, you can make a habit of this to run anytime you experience LAG.

8. After all steps. Pick option [31] to exit the script BUT dont exit script manager. Browse to /sdcard/V6_SuperCharger/99supercharger.sh. Tap it and make sure it is RUN AT BOOT & RUN AS ROOT. Then press RUN. It is important that those GREEN and BLUE Icon are ON.

9. You can now restart your phone to see if the settings are intact.

10. After booting pick option [1] to check again your status. My status are like as follows :

OOM Grouping Fixes ARE in Effect!
That means the boot script ran! this s what your looking for.

Current Values MATCH Prior SuperCharge!
That means that it's working!
Current minfrees = 6,8,31,37,43,49 mb
Prior V6 minfrees= 6,8,31,37,43,49 mb (if you decide to use other option, it will be shown here)
Nitro Lag Nullifier is Installed!

You're good! Enjoy More Snappy Galaxy Y.

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  1. The download link to the script is not working. Please update it....

  2. If there's newer version of BusyBox, should we still pick the 1.18.2 version?