Step 1- Identify Connector on Bottom of Tablet 

Identify the version of your tablet and ensure you have the right cable. 5 pin vs 30 pin. 

Step 2 – Download and Extract Tools & Firmware 

Download the InfoTMIC Burning Tool from http://www.eken.com/support
Download the M009F 2.3 Firmware from http://www.eken.com/support

Extract the downloaded .rar files to your computer. Remember where you extract them to.

Step 3 – Configuring the Flashing Software 

Run IUW1.2.exe from the location where you extracted the InfoTMIC Burning Tool file. I have highlighted the areas of interest
Select Link USB from left hand side and ensure USB mode is “Expert Burn” 

Select the following files from the location you extracted the 2.3 Firmware. Replace the % with either 5 or 30, depending on your model as determined in Step 1.

U0 = \uboot\u-boot-nand.bin
Kernal = \Image\Gmac-%P\android\uImage
System = \Image\Gmac-%P\android\system.img
User = \Image\Gmac-%P\android\userdata.img
Ramdisk = \Image\Gmac-%P\android\ramdisk.img 

Step 4 – Put Your Tablet into OTG mode 

Press and hold the M button on the side of the tablet and press the power button.
The device will stay on the infoTMIC screen.
Connect the tablet to your computer using the usb cable.

If you are prompted to install a driver, it is contained in the otg_driver folder in the location where you extracted InfoTMIC Burning Tool rar file. This is a windows 32 bit driver, so you may experience difficulties if you have a 64bit system.

Step 5 – Flash the Tablet 
If the device is connected ok, the Dv. Section at the bottom of the screen will go green and the tablet will say Communicating with PC.... 

Double check your settings and ensure you have the device plugged into the mains and then click Burn.

Various messages will appear on the tablet screen and in the status window of the IUW software. DO NOT DISCONNECT USB OR TURN OFF DEVICE UNTIL IT FINISHES, OTHERWISE YOU COULD BRICK YOUR DEVICE.

Step 6 – Reboot Tablet
Upon completion, your tablet will tell you to “Please pull out OTG line and restart”.
Use a paper clip or something similar to press the reset button on the side of the tablet.

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  1. hi, i follow the instructions here , i want to reflash my m009f china tablet because it cant read my external sd card as well as the internal, it reads 0b in the system,.. but the gray box wont turn green even it already reads the driver. pls help me tnx

  2. have the same problem

  3. Salve., dove si può comprare il cavo da 30 pin?
    Tradotto da google:
    Translated by google:
    Prejudice., Where you can buy the 30 pin cable?
    Thank you.

  4. its included in your tablet if you buy it, like the charger, you only need to convert it if its other end is not usb :)-len

  5. hello.i have tablet with exact the same specs..infotmic m009f and i try the usb to usb connection thru my windowsXP pc pero hindi naman nadedetect ung tablet. pano to? it already in the green steady mode.
    my problem is the tablet hang at booting...it wont continue sa home screen.please help it wont really detect sa pc ko!

  6. can i request a tun module for my MID 2.3.3 kernel version: . please help me i'm really desperate finding a compatible tun.ko for my device. I'll kindly appreciate your help.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. where can i get the usb cable for my tablet?>

  9. hi, i want to reflash my m009f tablet, i follow the instructions... but the gray box wont turn green, i have Windows Ultimate 32 bits

  10. How to install the OTG Driver? All I get is a system file & setup information file. No .exe file to setup the driver. Help please?

  11. Hi, I already re-flash my tablet in windows XP because in 7 never can't, eveyuthing OK I re-start the tablet and ask for recaliber the screen but didn't respose to the touch, Whta can I do?, I'll broke it?, please help

  12. same here. after i flashed my tablet, touch screen does not work.

  13. Anone know if the M013 file listed at Eken is the right one? M009 is not listed.
    Also is there a faster link anywhere?


  14. Can someone upload the files for M009F to a file host and share the link? The chinese website is too slow (4kb/s) and breaks download every now and then.


  15. where I get the infotmic because eken page I only see the M009F and nothing else could help me

    thank you
    sorry for my English

  16. Good day! I found your site very interesting and informative . Thanks for taking time sharing it with us. I really enjoyed reading your post.