To play HD games on your low-end android device like the Samsung Galaxy Y or Galaxy mini, and any android QVGA devices, you need to install Chainfire3D software, this application is the equivalent of pixelshader on PC, this sits in between your GPU and your phone, it handles the GPU to make games play on low resolution and low texture so you can play HD games like Gameloft games on your Samsung Galaxy Y phone.

Steps on installing  Chainfire3D and its plugins
  1. Root your Galaxy Y (or equivalent QVGA device). If you haven't rooted you phone yet then go Here
  2. Download and Install Chainfire3D (Wont work if the phones not Rooted) Download Link
  3. Download Chainfire 3D plugins Download Link
  4. Uncompress the Plug-ins.zip archive in the SD card
  5. Open Chainfire 3D and click on "Install driver", then "Install Plugin"
  6. The app will search for the plugins in the phone and prompt about them on the screen
  7. Install all the plugins namely - libGLEMU_NVIDIA, libGLEMU_POWERVR and libGLEMU_QUALCOMM
  8. Thats it, click here to Download HD games now

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  1. excuse me i have downloaded plugins.zip yet it doesn't show on my chainfire3d pro

  2. Does this work for galaxy y cdma.

  3. cant download chainfire 3d whenever i click the link it says invalid or deleted file not just the cf3d but the plug.ins to... what should i do now? i hav galaxy y help me out pls

  4. Thanks for sharing this. It should works on my huawei x3