This blog is a introduction for droidgamersclub.blogspot.com, I thought that this blog needs to have one so I'm making one, well what this site will be doing is to provide games for Galaxy Y, games that made to run on this low-end android phone, and also applications, but the games that are feature here can also be installed on any QVGA android phones like samsung galaxy mini, lg optimus, and others. droidgamersclub also offers ROMs exclusive for Samsung Galaxy Y,  tips and tricks are also included that is tailored for our phone. example of tricks you can find here is making galaxy y faster. Its not a secret that our phone don't have a GPU so we cant just install all HD games, we need to root our Galaxy Y, install Chainfire3D and set it up, before playing and installing HD games for galaxy Y, this blog also offers normal games that run on our galaxy y without rooting and the help of Chainfire3d plugins. I will be posting about vpn for Galaxy Y and free browsing tricks for galaxy y soon so stay tuned, for now enjoy the games. :)

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