You can fix invalid IMEI for Cherrymobile Flare S3 via PC
  1. Download MTKDroid Tools
  2. Download and install ADB Driver for Cherrymobile Flare S3
  3. Open MTKdroids Tools.
  4. On your phone, enable USB debugging and connect your phone. Wait for successful detection.
  5. At the lower right, click ROOT. You will notice a prompt message on your phone. Just accept it and wait for for the process.
  6. Select NVRAM/IMEI button and maunually insert your two 15digits IMEI number found at the back of your phone. If you have back up file of the NVRAM, you can opt to restore button.
  7. Select Ok/Apply.. Click Reboot and check for network or by dialing *#06# if the writting of IMEI succeded.
  8. Done
You can also try Engineering Mode for CM FLARE S3
  1. On your phone dialer press, *#*#3646633#*#*
  2. Go to Connectivity and select CDS Information
  3. Go to Radio Information
  4. You will see submenu "Phone 1" and "Phone 2"
  5. In each submenu insert this command line:
  6. Phone 1    at + emgr = 1.7 "imei 1"
  7. Phone 2    at + emgr = 1.10 "imei 2"
  8. reboot. done
 If you have rooted your Flare S3, install root explorer follow these procedures
  1. Download and extract the IMEI.exe
  2. Put the exe file to C:\Users\Computername\
  3. Open cmd command and type imei.exe imei1 imei2 and hit enter
  4. Sample C:Users\Makeorbrick>imei.exe 123456789012345 098765432154321
  5. At the same folder you will see that a new file was created namely "MP0B_001_NEW".
  6. Right click on that file and hit rename. make it "MP0B_001"
  7. Copy the MP0B_001 on your SD card.
  8. Open Root Explorer(can be downloader at playstore and locate  /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI
  9. Delete the old MP0B_001 on that folder and paste the other one you have created
  10. Long press on that file, click menu, click properties, select permissions.
  11. Set Permission to rw-rw-rw--
  12. Close Root explorer and Reboot.
  13. Done.

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  3. working sakin Engineering Mode

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  4. working sakin Engineering Mode

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