Android has been with us for more than six years. During that time, we've seen an absolutely breathtaking rate of change unlike any other development cycle that has ever existed. When it came time for Google to dive in to the smartphone wars, the company took its rapid-iteration, Web-style update cycle and applied it to an operating system, and the result has been an onslaught of continual improvement. Lately, Android has even been running on a previously unheard of six-month development cycle, and that's slower than it used to be. For the first year of Android’s commercial existence, Google was putting out a new version every two-and-a-half months.

Not necessarily stuff I miss but:
  • Version 0.5 had an Ars Technica shoutout in the API demo app. That's the one I miss the most. =P
  • Version 0.9 had support for paid wallpapers. (lol)
  • Version 0.9 had a home screen that supported landscape. I'm not sure when this was removed (4.0?) but I really miss it.
  • 0.9 also had a slideshow creator that, believe it or not, was part of the SMS app.
  • In Version 1.0, the main page of the YouTube app had links to "Most viewed," "Most popular," and "Most recent." What was the difference supposed to be between "Most viewed," and "Most popular"? And could you imagine how useless a "Most Recent" screen would be today?
  • 1.5 Cupcake added a "Camcorder" shortcut that jumped right to the camera app in video mode. This was dropped in 2.0.
  • Car Home was added in 2.0 and removed in 3.0/4.0.
  • 2.0 also had a unified inbox in the email app, which was a removed feature until Gmail added it back about a week ago.
  • Adobe Flash was added in 2.2 and removed during the 4.1 era.
  • In Android 3.0 the camera had crazy color effects.
  • 3.0 added a horrible "Movie Studio" app (The rightmost screenshot)
  • 3.0 also killed the Amazon MP3 store, which used to come bundled with Android. (Yep, it lasted that long)
  • There was a "My apps" tab in 3.0 that listed downloaded apps only. This was removed in 4.0 in favor of a widgets tab in the app drawer.
  • 4.0 had a widgets tab in the app drawer. =P
  • Google Latitude, a location sharing platform that actually worked and people used, was killed in favor of Google+ in Google Maps 7.0 (around the time of Android 4.2) I don't have a picture of Latitude because the service is dead and you can't login anymore =(
  • 4.2 killed "Browser" in favor of Chrome, and with it the quick controls died.
  • 5.0 killed the Gallery in favor of G+ Photos.
  • And of course, you used to be able to see paid apps in the Play Store. I forget when this was removed.

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