If you’re looking for a very affordable Talk N Text internet promo, check out their new ALLDAY20 offer. Your 20 pesos gives you 1 day of browsing to your favorite sites and mobile app access. The only downside of the offer is that you can’t use it for video streaming and downloading, BUT here is the trick: use it on your mobile, that's it, that's the trick. You can view streaming sites like YouTube when you are using it on your mobile, or pocket WiFi and accessing it on your mobile phone. I don't know if this is a bug, or a glitch on their side.

TNT All Day 30

Now, many of you would ask, how can we register? Well first you have to have at least 20 pesos of load duh, then type the keyword ALLDAY20 on your messaging application and send it to 4545, wait for the confirmation coming from Talk n' Text then you are all set, just make sure you use it on your mobile phone okay.

If for some reason you wanted to use it on your personal computer, 
unfortunately you cannot browse streaming sites like YouTube, but I got you covered my friend, the trick here is by using any working VPN application, even free ones like Betternet, you can now watch YouTube videos and download all you want on your computer :) This is so much better than Unlisurf85.

Happy real unlimited browsing guys. this is better than any paid VPN that still needs a load, and much faster because it is direct connection.
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